2013 Open Distance Nationals Mentoring Comp_v4


  • Aug 24:
    Practice day
    7 pm: Mandatory Pilot Briefing Meeting at Headquarters
  • Aug. 25 – Sept. 1:



  • Inspiration Point (Squaw Peak Lookout) Provo Utah
  • Jupiter Launch
  • Monroe Launch
  • 2230 N University Pkwy
    Provo, Utah, 84604-1509, US
    Phone: 801/373-7044
    Fax: 801/375-5240


    No declared goal. The competitors fly as fast and far as they can in the set task. The tasks may or may not have turn points and there may or may not be an artificial sunset declared.



  • Spot locator (or similar satellite device) with live tracking
  • GPS with computer cable
  • Reserve and helmet as per USPHA rules
  • Ham radio capable of transmitting and receiving on all USHPA frequencies
  • USHPA and UHGPGA membership (available at registration)






    USHPA Open Distance Nationals.



      • Open Distance with probable turn points and possible artificial sunset
      • Downloadable waypoints (may be changes)
      • Downloadable pilot’s manual

          Pilot Skill Level

            P-3 or higher with turbulence, xc, restricted landing field, and high altitude sign off.



            USHPA Open Distance competition rulebook.



          • National OD Champion
          • Women, 1, 2, 3
          • Sport Class 1, 2, 3 (EN D and under, no modifications)
          • Serial Class 1,2,3 (EN C or under, no modifications)

            Positions and Chairs

            • Event Organizer & Meet Director – Ken Hudonjorgensen
            • Score Keeper – David Wheeler
            • Safety Committee – TBA
            • Weather Guru – Chris Galli / XCSkies.com
            • Task Committee – TBA & Bill Belcourt
            • Launch Director: Zak Hargraves    970 799 1111
            • Retrieval Coordinator: Judy Whitmore      435 979 8217
            • Task Committee: Chris Galli, Dave Nelson and Ken Hudonjorgensen 
            • Safety Officer: Zak Hargraves – 970-799-1111
            • Safety Committee: Zac Hargraves, Ken Hudonjorgensen, Dave Nelson, David Wheeler, Chris Galli
            • Protest Committee: Neil Hansen, Chris Galli, Dave Nelsen.
            • Volunteer Coordinator: Terri Olson
            •          Judy Whitmore (Retrieve)
            •          Zak Hargraves (Launch) 


                • Total cost will be $495.00

                Pay via Paypal, Check, or Money Order to:

                Two-Can Fly Paragliding
                474 E. Tonya Dr.
                Sandy, UT 84070




                  • Provided from hotel to launch and from landing back to hotel. Relaunch allowed till 4pm.
                  • Retrieval provided.
                  • If you bring a large vehicle and driver for retrieval, we will pay for your gas during the event and your entry fee. Must be arranged with us before you arrive.
                  • Parking limited at launch, please use shuttle vehicles from hotel.


                    Volunteers & Wind Technicians

                    Needed and Greatly Appreciated!

                    The US Paragliding Open Distance Nationals is made possible through the co-operation of the US Forest Service , USHPA, UHGPGA, and Two-Can Fly Paragliding.