What is tandem paragliding all about?

Tandem paragliding means Two people Can Fly at the same time under one tandem-sized wing. Both the pilot in command and the passenger have their own individual harness in which to sit, with the passenger always situated unobstructed in front of the pilot. Any age person and any weight person can be accommodated, and the rest is just about sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Ken will be your pilot, a true professional with 23 years and counting of tandem flight experience. Ken’s Tandem 3 rating is the highest tandem rating available, and he is only one of a few pilots in the US that has ever been appointed and identified as a Tandem and Instructor Administrator, which is a status that empowers him to judge, test, and certify other pilots to carry passengers or to become instructors.

But Ken’s not at all about to begin critiquing anything about your unforgettable half hour or more in the sky. He simply adores sharing his passion for flight with new friends and old pals. And while flying along with anyone through the sky on such a special tandem journey, there’s bound to be great deal of laughter, joy, excitement, and a common experience shared to be remembered forever.

And wouldn’t a tandem flight be a spectacular gift idea as well?

Tandem Flight

  • 1/2 Hour Flight
  • Professional USHPA-Rated Pilot
  • A Bucket List Must!
  • Great Gift Idea!
Ken, Thanks for taking my kids for their tandem flights. I am thrilled they enjoyed it as much as they did. Garrett has told me over and over it was the “coolest” experience in his life. Morgan asked me three or four times, if she was really piloting the wing all by herself. It has been fun seeing her joy replayed over and over in her mind.
N Millward, utah
Flying with Ken is like is like flying with a good friend, he makes you feel 100% comfortable. I was a little nervous for my first tandem flight, but Ken made it such a wonderful experience!  He was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He taught me a lot in just the hour I spent with him and was eager to answer any questions I had. I can’t wait to fly with him again!
Megan Hansen, Utah