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kenfrontpageMy name is Ken Hudonjorgensen, founder of Two-Can Fly Paragliding. I’ve been flying and teaching paragliding in Utah and around the world since 1989, and it is my sincere desire to provide you with plenty of vision and guidance towards realizing your paragliding aspirations.  I’m looking forward to having lots of fun with you!

The Point of the Mountain paragliding site is an excellent training ground and is where most of your paragliding training will take place.  Your paragliding instruction will be personally with me, rarely with another student but it’s a lot of fun if two friends sign up for training together.  Two can fly! 

You’ll find that this website will be an invaluable resource for all of your paragliding needs, and that it is jam-packed with references to instruction, events, links, commentary, and other useful information.  But the website only goes so far and I look forward to establishing that personal relationship with you in your paragliding training progression.  Please give me a call to talk about your flying dreams.  

Your Fun Is Our Business!

I’ve been flying my whole life in any way I could propel myself from the ground, but I was never before on a paraglider before I met Ken Hudonjorgensen.  With the responsibility of a company on my head and with knees that have been surgically redone I was wary.  Ken, however, broke the process of learning down into manageable progressions that made me feel comfortable and safe.  Halfway through the process I dubbed him my Kensei (after the Japanese Sensei, which means Master).  If you are interested in learning the art of paragliding, Ken is THE MAN!
Christopher Harrison, , AntiGravity
Ken Hudonjorgensen is one of the most experienced paragliding pilots in the USA. As an instructor Ken has helped me go from a beginning pilot to someone who now holds two state cross country paragliding distant records. He his inspired, kind, patient, thoughtful, organized, extremely safety conscious, and without a doubt the finest instructor you could ever hope to find.  I cannot recommend this man strongly enough.
Thad Spencer
Your lessons on paragliding are world class. Your expertise, teaching methods, and concern for paragliding safety were what attracted us to you, and the fact that you are also a fine host. We will be applying everything you have taught us to our ongoing USMC High Glide Parachute Program. I have full confidence in my Marines because of my experience with you and seeing first hand the attention to detail you put forth in every student you train. The fact that you actively seek to release your students higher than the base line requirements for a P-2 pilot rating as listed USHPA, speaks volumes about your character and credibility to the sport of paragliding.
MGySgt Joseph G Setteln III, Reconnaissance & Special Operations Chief - HQMC, Washington, DC, The Pentagon
I have been very fortunate to have had Ken Hudonjorgensen as an instructor, mentor, and close friend throughout my airborne paragliding journey. I separate the two, instructor and mentor, intentionally. Initially in the journey Ken is an instructor, and very patiently teaches the budding pilot with a skill I have not seen elsewhere. Once a pilot takes to the air and moves on in his or her own adventure, he or she is never truly out from under Ken’s wing. Ken continues to mentor not only his students, but also every other pilot within his reach throughout their paragliding journey. His attention to safety, individual personality, and each pilot’s special needs is paramount and unequaled. If the birds above rewound my life and gave me a chance to remake my choices, I would not change my choice in Ken, … you can and will not go wrong.
Nate J, Salt Lake City, Utah
Few people have Ken’s integrity. No instructor I’ve heard of gives the amount of instruction you get from Ken. Few are as challenging and demanding. A good number of the instructors in Salt Lake City were trained by Ken. When seasoned pilots want to confirm if the weather is good for flying, they call Ken. And when a friend of mine who’s been flying paragliders and making films about paragliding for over ten years wanted to make a documentary about aerialists performing while suspended under a paraglider in flight, Ken was chosen to lead the team to fly them. If I had to choose one man to teach someone to fly safely, it would be Ken. 
Piotr Jagninski, Cinematographer, Brooklyn, NY
I highly recommend Ken Hudonjorgensen and Two-Can Fly Paragliding. Ken is the most safety-oriented instructor that I have ever met. I have traveled with him internationally, and he is always concerned with keeping the group safe, and yet still teaching every aspect of paragliding. His debriefings at the end of the day, always teach you how to be a better pilot. I would seriously trust my 95-year old mother to fly with him. PS – He can be bribed with chocolate.
Curtis McDougal, Draper, Utah
I went to Valle de Bravo several years ago with Ken and Bill Belcort and had a fantastic trip. I learned a lot about thermaling and cross country flying through their excellent coaching. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking to improve their flying.
Baxter Gillespie
To attentively introduce, encourage, instruct, develop, nurture, and mentor anyone interested in learning and applying the most important and valuable aspects of paragliding theory and technique. 
Think eternal, feel peace, act now, … be.
I promise that I will do all I possibly can, to help you successfully achieve any and all of your paragliding ambitions by providing you the highest quality paragliding training and education available anywhere. At Two-Can Fly, … the sky is limitless!
I am without doubt, completely and passionately dedicated in supporting you through every phase and distinction of your paragliding experience. I am committed to do my best to assure that your skills are as developed and refined as possible for a lifetime of cherished quality flight achievements. And I will also always strive within my sincere and deepest concerns for you, that you always feel safe and tremendously insightful, and that your perspective of self-confidence will only keep escalating during the manifestation of your own unique piloting abilities.