What is an Introductory Paragliding Lesson?


It is the important first step in the process of becoming a paraglider pilot. Students will be introduced to safety procedures, essential paragliding gear, and basic paragliding concepts that will be used to help get them off of the ground and into the air that very first day. Lessons are given at the Point of the Mountain in Draper, Utah by Ken Hudonjorgensen.  The Point is recognized as the top paragliding training site in the United States. Introductory lessons are always subject to current local weather conditions, and dependent on the student’s natural skill ability, comprehension capacity, physical endurance limitations, confidence level, overall attitude, and their degree of focused effort. But most certainly many more times than not, beginning low-level flight is indeed successfully experienced by first time student pilots during their introductory paragliding lesson. And in so doing, they will gain a strong sense of what paragliding is all about, and effectively be well on their way to wherever they may ultimately wish to fly.


What can you expect during an Introductory Paragliding Lesson?

The lesson is a solo hands-on experience, and not a tandem flight. Student training takes place only during the first 3 to 4 hours of daylight on any given day, which is the most predictable, consistent, and therefore safest time of day for learning. Each student will receive a detailed briefing concerning the objectives and goals for the lesson. Equipment used will be thoroughly explained and discussed, and students will always be in radio contact with the instructor while in the air and when landing.

Your first attempt to fly will start near the bottom of a hill. From there, you’ll run down the remaining slope of that hill trying to inflate your glider above your head, which will give you your first opportunity to begin learning how to control it. That initial effort generally does not result in any flight time. But then you’ll turn right back around and hike back up that hill, only this time you’ll climb up a bit higher. Then, you’ll run as fast as you can down that hill again to cause enough drag to inflate your wing (glider) above your head as you go. And with that second attempt, your chances are pretty darn good that you’ll get at least 1 to 10 feet off of the ground.

Then it’s back up the hill again, even higher. And then away you go again, catching air and inflating your wing in the wind with the speed that you generate running full speed until you’re suddenly magically lifted into the air. Perhaps with that try you’ll get 20 or more feet off of the ground, while simultaneously lengthening your overall flight distance as well. And then as you’ve probably guessed by now, with each successive attempt thereafter, you’ll climb higher and higher up that hill. And with each gallant effort that you give to skillfully control your paraglider to carry your body up into the sky, you will inevitably continually increase your overall flight height, time, and distance.

It’s important to understand though, that paragliding is a weather dependent sport. And because safety at Two-Can Fly Paragliding is always of principle and paramount concern, lessons may or may not last four hours, and may or may not result in any flight time at all. Winds control everything. But with favorable conditions and your successful application of learned paragliding finesse, you’ll more than likely pass your first paragliding lesson with flying colors.


Introductory Lesson

  • 3-4 Hour Lesson
  • Professional USHPA-Rated Instructor
  • Use Of Paragliding Gear
  • Learn Paragliding Fundamentals
  • Apply Control Techniques
  • Sense Wind Characteristics
  • Feel The Thrill Of Flight!
Ken Hudonjorgensen is one of the most experienced paragliding pilots in the united states. As an instructor Ken has helped me go from a beginning pilot to someone who now holds two state cross country paragliding distant records. He his inspired, kind, patient, thoughtful, organized, extremely safety conscious, and without a doubt the finest instructor you could ever hope to find.  I cannot recommend this man strongly enough.
Thad Spencer
I have known Ken through paragliding for many years, and have found him to be knowledgeable, conscientious, friendly, and an excellent instructor. I took my very first paragliding lesson from him14 years ago. Naturally, I was hooked from the first time my feet left the ground. His experience, attention to safety, and wealth of paragliding knowledge to me, is unsurpassed. He has a tremendous desire and unique ability to communicate his knowledge and skills to his students and mentees. I would recommend Ken to anyone wishing to start paragliding, or to even just increase their paragliding knowledge.
Bob Janzen, Utah
Ken is the most experienced and wisest instructor I have ever had the pleasure of training with. His decades of flying long and far with a perfect safety record have given him insights that he happily and effectively shares with all of his students. Ken is the proverbial instructor, never missing an opportunity to make a teaching moment out of any situation. He always wears a smile, and always treats his students with respect. If there is one instructor who deserves the title of Sky Buddha, it is Ken.
Todd Sherman, Logan, Utah
The P-2 Full Certification Program is taught at the Point of the Mountain in Draper, Utah by Ken Hudonjorgensen.  The Point is recognized as the top paragliding training site in the United States. Earning a P-2 certification permits qualified pilots to fly without an instructor present at beginner paragliding sites. According to the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA), the prerequisites for becoming certified as a P-2 pilot are:

  • 25 flights
  • 5 lessons
  • Miscellaneous others …

At Two-Can Fly Paragliding, we believe that you simply need more time, practice, and experience than the USHPA recommends to make you a more proficient pilot, to keep you safe, and to instill greater personal confidence. Therefore, our P-2 Full Certification Program includes the following:

  • Over 100 flights, so that you progress all the way through your most difficult first 100 flights while still under our care and instruction.
  • As many lessons as are needed, in order for you to meet task proficiency goals and educational objectives.
  • In-depth study, instruction, and practice of paraglider kiting techniques that are critical for paragliding efficiency and safety, and involves skillfully flying your paraglider in varying wind conditions over your head while you’re standing firmly on the ground.
  • Loads of very beneficial ground school lessons extensively covering topics relating to weather patterns and cloud-type recognition, pre-flight check lists, aerodynamic features and air characteristics, air space rules and etiquette, maneuvers descriptions, flying hazards and emergency procedures, reserve chute deployment, and preferred attitude and state of mind analysis.
  • The lesson packages offered by most paraglider training organizations in Utah and throughout the US ultimately result in an average charge of between $40 and $100 per flight, per course price. Whereas with Two-Can Fly Paragliding, you’ll be paying an average of only $15 per flight, and you will receive unlimited personal attention and consultation. Plus, you will be allowed to borrow DVD’s, books, and all other pertinent study materials needed to reinforce your paragliding learning expertise (a savings of more than $500).
  • We will assist you in choosing the best equipment for your skill level and long-term goals, and will devote time during the latter part of your lessons in helping you get used to your new equipment. This ensures that you are already comfortable and dialed into your new equipment, and can therefore safely make the transition from instructor-guided flying to solo flying.
  • After you receive your P-2 Certification rating and are done with the course, if you continue to keep improving on your skills and striving to satisfy flight and airtime prerequisites to become eligible for P-3 and P-4 certification, we will include the cost for your intermediate and advanced ratings certifications in this P-2 Full Certification Program (a savings of nearly $400)

Once you’ve obtained you P-2 Certification, Ken also offers thermal clinics, mountain flying clinics, cross-country flying clinics, out of state and out of country adventure flying tours, and much, much, more …


P-2 Full Certification Program

  • 100 Or More Flights
  • Unlimited P-2 Lessons
  • Ground School Classes 
  • Professional USHPA Rated Instructor
  • Use Of Paragliding Gear
  • Use Of Study Material
  • In-Depth Skills Development
  • Consultation And Advice
  • P-3/P-4 Rating Certification
After completing my training with Two-Can Fly Paragliding and I started flying with other new pilots trained by other schools, I came to realize how truly lucky I was to have had Ken Hodonjorgenson as my paragliding instructor. Ken did not try to rush me through my training, but rather he insisted that I mastered the skills needed to ensure my safety, build my confidence, and ultimately maximize my enjoyment of the sport.
Michael Trottier, Utah
Point of the Mountain is ideal for getting the flights needed. The instruction is based on years of experience!
Sean Janson, Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Getting my P-2 training from Ken has been a great experience, better than I could have ever hoped for. Ken’s nearly boundless amount of experience, coupled with an unwavering commitment to safety, sets up a classroom foundation with great potential. Ken adds to that with his caring and thoughtful people skills, his vast experience in teaching, and his complete commitment to your safety, success, and long-term enjoyment of the sport. Through Ken, my focus and efforts were rewarded with steady progress faster and better than I could have thought possible. Thanks Ken.
Paul Gardner, Utah
I have known Ken for the past 8 years and even though I don’t take lessons any more, I still consider myself his student. From the beginning of my instruction, Ken always had a calming presence that facilitates learning. I remember the first time I got dragged by my wing. As I gathered myself, I was fully expecting to get chewed out for allowing that to happen. Instead, Ken calmly approached and said, “Ok, so what did you learn there?” And he is always the Zen Master. His attitude toward flying has been contagious and has kept me safe while having a good time as I have progressed through the sport. Ken is always there for advice or just a casual chat while “para-waiting”. Getting to know both Ken and Janet has been a true pleasure.
Blake McIntire, Utah
A paragliding instructor is easy to find, paragliding mentors don’t come along often. There are few who can teach you to feel and “see” the power of the air around you, Ken is that man. Not only does he provide benchmark instruction, but leads you on a spiritual path to truly becoming a three-dimensional being, a state that few on this earth experience. You can put my enthusiastic stamp on it!
Erik Larsen, Colorado
Ken has so much to give and shares all of his experiences without conditions, freely and compassionately.
Paul Pearce, South Carolina
Point of the Mountain is ideal for getting the flights needed. The instruction is based on years of experience!
Sean Janson, Highlands Ranch, Colorado