Clinic Description:

The Basic Instructor Clinic is three days of intensive training designed to make you a proficient and qualified paragliding instructor, and also authorizes qualified individuals to be able to issue P-1 and P-2 ratings.

What The Clinic Includes:

  • Hands-on training specifically designed to strengthen instructional procedure and expertise.
  • Consultation regarding the recognition and accommodation of each individual student’s learning style.
  • Understanding and being able to properly administrate the USPHA rating system.

What The Pilot Will Learn:

  • Important ethical considerations pertinent to paragliding instruction.
  • A careful study and application of communication skills.
  • Methods for best demonstrating the uses of paragliding skills and equipment.


  • P-3 rating

*Note – After the course, the pilot/ instructor must complete an instructor apprenticeship (must teach and progress with at least one student through the entire P-2 rating process), and also pass a critical one-day instructor evaluation.