Clinic Description:

The Mountain Flying Clinic teaches important information about how to fly at “real” mountain sites that are obviously much different than hill-type sites where pilots are usually initially trained. This two-day event is geared specifically toward P-2 pilots, and should be taken as soon as possible after they complete their P-2 certification. Class instruction has been developed for those relatively new pilots who are now ready for a greater challenge and change of view.

The Mountain Flying Clinic or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for the Thermal Clinic and the Cross-Country Clinic.

What The Clinic Includes:

  • Pilots will visit all of the flying sites and landing zones used on a regular basis in the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley.
  • Each pilot will fly sites that are deemed most appropriate for their skill level (weather permitting).
  • We will visit numerous appropriate, inappropriate, and surprise landing zones for evaluation.

What The Pilot Will Learn:

  • How to pioneer a flying site.
  • How to safely fly in the mountains.
  • How to analyze the safety and potential for any particular flying site.
  • How to quickly and appropriately plan the best approach to any landing zone.
  • Weather tendencies, patterns, and considerations.


  • P-2 rating.
  • Spot landing proficiency.