Clinic Description:

Tandem 1 is a student tandem rating, and permits the pilot to practice tandem flights with only other current USPHA-rated pilots as passengers. Receiving a Tandem 1 rating is usually conducted as an individualized private clinic. Please contact Ken to arrange a date and time and for further information.

The Tandem 1 Clinic is a prerequisite for the Tandem 2/3 Clinic.

What The Clinic Includes:

  • Instructor observation of between 1-3 tandem flights by pilot.
  • Discussion of the purpose and requirements of tandem paragliding determined by the FAA and USHPA.
  • Tandem 1 qualification exam.
  • Discussion and investigation of all the specific gear related to tandem flying.

What The Pilot Will Learn:

  • The important responsibilities relating to tandem paragliding.
  • The specific and necessary skills pilots must develop in order to obtain a Tandem 2/3 rating.
  • Heightened respect for weather considerations, safety factors, and flight mechanics.
  • Perspectives for continually refining general assessment abilities of passenger disposition.
  • The unique differences between tandem and solo launching, flying, and landing techniques.


  • Advanced P-4 rating.
  • Turbulence sign off.
  • 200 hours of logged airtime, or 100 hours with 500 flights of at least 500 feet vertical descent, or 100 hours with 500 flights of 2 minutes or longer.