Clinic Description:

The Tandem Instructor  Clinic offers the opportunity for Tandem 1-rated pilots to become Tandem Instructors and become ambassadors for the sport of paragliding by being able to fly with a passenger.

What The Clinic Includes:

  • Two days of in-depth classroom instruction and exams.
  • Extensive and thorough topic-related discussions.
  • Observational in-flight skills analysis.
  • Pre-flight briefing and USHPA waivers test.

What The Pilot Will Learn:

  • All that is involved in fully complying with USHPA rules and regulations concerning tandem paragliding.
  • Advanced methodology of how to safely launch, fly, and land a tandem paraglider.
  • Knowing how to properly and adequately prepare for a varying degree of passenger weights and sizes, and dealing with a wide range of reactionary states of mind.


  • Tandem 1 Clinic.
  • Tandem 1 rating.
  • 25-40 tandem flight as “pilot in command”.