Clinic Description:

The Thermal Clinic introduces and teaches the fundamental techniques and theories of thermal exploitation. Thermalling is finding and staying in upward moving parcels of air that can literally heighten the adventurous sensation of paragliding to a whole new and exciting dimension, because a thermal has the thrilling anti-gravity quality of “lift”. And mastering the art of thermalling is essential for anyone serious about experiencing the greatest possibilities of paragliding flight. Imagine using nature’s own elevator to rise up to exhilarating atmospheric heights, and then using those same thermals to go on extensive cross-country excursions far beyond your horizons of expectation.

Thermalling should be approached cautiously and with a high degree of safety awareness. It is not something that can be done safely without a great deal of instruction.

The Thermal Clinic or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for the Cross-Country Clinic.

What The Clinic Includes:

  • Three information-packed days that will improve your thermalling knowledge, understanding, and efficiency.
  • Up to sixteen hours of classroom time that will give you all the information you need to convert into practical thermalling skills.
  • Functional games and exercises used to simulate and demonstrate principles of thermal flying that help build skills on the ground before ever getting into the air.
  • Flying thermal sites and in thermalling conditions that are appropriate for each individual pilot’s skill level complete with radio communication coaching and evaluation (weather permitting).

What The Pilot Will Learn:

  • Thermalling efficiency.
  • Reading and deciphering terrain features for thermal triggers and reservoirs.
  • Reading and understanding cumulous cloud formations and what they tell us about the type of thermals that are feeding the cloud.
  • Recognizing cloud types that may not be necessarily advantageous for thermalling.
  • How to “work” cloud base.
  • The many weather related specifics that determine favorable thermalling conditions.
  • The best launching techniques to use during thermic conditions.
  • Landing in thermic conditions.


  • P-2 rating.
  • Taking a maneuvers clinic before or soon after receiving a P-2 rating is highly recommended.