Clinic Description:

The Advanced Instructor Clinic is a rich, one full day of instruction where experienced pilots come to share pertinent information, unique perspective, and their extensive understanding about the sport of paragliding, and to receive specialized training to become advanced USHGA certified paragliding instructors.

What The Clinic Includes:

  • Pilot must pass a written exam that demonstrates their comprehension of approved teaching concepts.
  • Pilot must prepare and present a usable and comprehensive lesson plan for P-2 certification.
  • Pilot must pass practical class presentations and technique demonstrations.
  • Exhibit a solid competency of teaching ability.

What The Pilot Will Learn:

  • Helpful hints and techniques to improve their teaching prowess.


  • P-3 rating.
  • Standard Red Cross First Aid card or equivalent.
  • At least 200 days of flying and 300 flights or more.